Giving away a million bucks. Could you?

Would you be willing?

Did you ever have a dream that someday you might win something big, like say a million bucks? And with that money you don’t use it for your own benefit but for the benefit of others? I don’t know if everybody ever dreamt about it but don’t you ever wish that you could just give a ton of stuff away? Just for the fun of it, the fun of giving.

Now what would you do if you really got that wish. Would you be willing to do what you dreamt of doing?

Sometimes I see myself winning some kind of company anniversary door prize, or maybe winning who wants to be a millionaire. Now that half of my dream came true would I be willing do the other half, like maybe giving the door prize laptop (since I already got one) to a college mate who doesn’t have one to do her work? Or maybe throw the winnings around, give it to charity, heck donate it for the next presidential election (why do people even do that?)? It’s not like I’ll lose anything, since I got it for free.

Actually I was just daydreaming that I was in some kind of Apple Computers fair and won one of their Macbook Air’s on one of their door prizes, than I would just give it to a friend who doesn’t have a laptop yet. Then I got myself thinking; “Giving away a Macbook Air? That’s UBER stupid!”

The slight hesitance makes feel unworthy of such a dream, though I sometimes dream the fun of giving. The smiles of those we just helped might just worth more than the prize itself.

So what about YOU? Do YOU ever have a dream to win something and give it away? If you really do win, could you actually get yourself to DO just that? Comment me on what you think.

But then again, who says you gotta win something to give something? 

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