Flash Media Server – Problems after install – possible solution

So, i just installed flash media server 4, due to a project at my campus to make a live streaming application

Turns out i cant even use the bloody thing… The sample programs wont even play. It keeps on saying net.connection error or something


Finally got a fix, turns out other programs that also do streaming especially the ones using port 1935, 80,1111 interfere with FMS when streaming RTMP.

On my occasion it the application that was interfering were Red5 and Wowza. Turns out trying everything isnt always good.

I’ll try to add more details on this matter, mind you im not an expert on media streaming and what not. So dont expect i can give you any answers. Just wanted to get this information out to others that may also have the same problem. Since I’ve been searching everywhere with no avail.



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